12 February 2008

What's On My Desk February 2008

*New Cat by Yangsook Choi - children's book, DONE. The loyal factory cat must defeat his nemesis - a mouse that is chewing on the wires in a New York tofu factory. Cute.
*King Bidgood's in the Bathtub by Audrey and Don Good - children's book, DONE. The words are adequate, but the illustrations are magnificent, ornate, and rich.
*Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See - historical fiction book, DONE. This was rather a depressing book. I kept waiting for the happy, triumphant part that never came. It is a good look into China of yesteryear, but not so good to read if you are already in a bad mood. I think I would rather have been a "little daughter-in-law" or a servant, than have been "blessed" to be a wife whose feet were broken and of whom so much is expected. Thank God we are Americans in 21st century America!
*Quilters Newsletter, September, October, and November 2007 (periodical) includes a three part short story by Jennifer Chiaverini called the Fabric Diary. DONE. Cute.
*True Talents by David Lubar. YA fantasy. DONE. Sequel to Hidden Talents. It was fairly predictable, but a worthy successor to the original. There is one twist near the end that works well. I started reading it, then put it down for a while and when I came back I was confused because I forgot that in the original, Martin was the main character and in this sequel, Trash is the main character. It is written in first person, so "I" refers to Trash, not Martin, in book 2.
*Refuge by Detective Sgt. Donald Stewart. nonfiction. DONE .
This is a unique book, written by a long-time police officer and Christian it talks about the problem of domestic violence and offers hope from a Christian perspective and a practical, social services viewpoint. The cover says something like "someone you know needs to read this book" and it is probably true.
*One Pair of Hands by Monica Dickens. Nonfiction. A mischieveous young woman takes jobs as household servants to see how the other half lives. Before there was Nickel and Dimed, there was this book.
*Apples to Oregon. See previous post for details. I re-read this book because it was so entertaining! I wonder if there is a "senior" version to this "junior" book? It is a wonderful tall tale and makes me want to know more about the events that inspired the book.