22 October 2010

Dr. Seuss on the web

I did not know until today that there is
that has games, trivia, a book of lists, and more
and there is a
a Dr. Seuss themed facebook game - Mayor of Seussville.

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by Marty Crisp and Robert Papp
juvenile fiction, ages 4-8

Jim is a cabin boy put in charge of the ship's lucky cat, named 4-0-1. The cat and her kittens keep him busy as the Titanic goes on a trial run before her maiden voyage. If I say more, it will spoil the plot.
This is an unusual take on the many fictionalized accounts of the famous Titanic disaster.
As an adult I knew what would happen to the Titanic, but the 6 year old that I read this to did not. I had to explain the story to her again after we read it.
There are lovely kitty and historical pictures throughout.

18 October 2010

Silent Pursuit

Silent Pursuit
Lynette Eason
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense Riveting Inspirational Romance, November 2009
Steeple Hill is a division of Harlequin
Amazon.com lists this as one in a trilogy, but it is a fine read-alone book.
(High Stakes Trilogy, Book 3) (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #172)
1 Silent Terror
2 Silent Fury
3 Silent Pursuit

I guess this series title shows that there is a Harlequin romance for every reader. What do we have here?
1) Romance
2) Inspirational
3) Intrigue
4) Suspense

For more than 60 years Harlequin has had a strong presence in the book market.
I picked up this title for a quick read, not expecting much but to pass the time.
I was pleasantly surprised by the content. In this story, Gina is running from people who killed her fiance. She has to trust someone, so she leans on his ex-Army Ranger buddy, Ian. Obviously a romance is in the works for them, but I this title is very light on the romance and inspiration and heavy on the running-around-dodging-bullets part of the plot. Although intended for a female audience, this Harlequin can be shared with the male partners of readers or teenage daughters as well for light summer or airplane reading.
The references to God are limited to some desperate prayers and saying that a dead Christian is in Heaven. The romance is limited to hugging and a kiss or two.
Another surprise was finding a reading and discussion guide in the back as well as an author's note.
I will get on hold at my library for #1 and #2 in this series, but this book can stand alone. I did not realize it was part of a trilogy and it was not confusing that it was #3.

Calling Fancy Nancy Fans

Break out the sequins and butterfly broaches!
Fancy Nancy is having a contest.

Show the world just how fancy you are! Ooh la la! It’s très, très, très exciting! All Fancy Nancy fans are invited to don their most spectacular outfits and accessories, pose for the camera, and submit a photo to the Fancy Nancy Fantastic Fan Contest. The most magnifique fan photo will be illustrated in an upcoming Fancy Nancy book!
Visit Fancy Nancy and the other contestants as much as you want to browse, vote, share, and comment on all of the fantastic fan photos. Your votes will help decide the winner! Voilá: It’s that easy!